Here's why LWR Farmers Market Coffee is good coffee that's good to coffee farmers

Your purchases of LWR Farmers Market Coffee help lift coffee farmers out of poverty and build better lives and futures for their families. But why do farmers experience poverty? And how do your purchases need help.

FACT: Coffee is a multi-billion-dollar industry and yet most of the world’s coffee supply is grown by farmers who work small plots of land, and whose families struggle with poverty and hunger.

It’s hard to believe, but there are many reasons coffee farmers struggle. One reason has to do with what is called the “coffee value chain” – all the steps in producing coffee from planting coffee trees, all the way to delivering bags of coffee to your local store.

In a traditional coffee value chain, farmers don’t always get fair prices for their coffee beans and once their beans are sold, farmers have no further stake in the value chain and don’t see any of the profit from the final coffee sales.

That’s not right. And so LWR Farmers Market Coffee was founded to change the way we sell coffee.

How LWR Farmers Market Coffee works graphic

When you purchase LWR Farmers Market Coffee, coffee farmers get a strong, upfront price for their coffee beans. And when those beans are sold, they share in the profit from the sales.

As a coffee lover, you can feel good knowing that your purchases of LWR Farmers Market Coffee not only help farmers earn a better income, but it also changes the way coffee is sold so that they can keep thriving long into the future.

So treat yourself to a delicious bag of LWR Farmers Market Coffee today!

Written by Nikki Massie

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